Hawktime and Extended 3rd Period

Tue, 09/01/2015 - 8:30am

Hawktime and Extended 3rd Period: What do students do during these designated times?
The purpose of Hawktime is to build opportunities during the school day so that students can seek help from their classroom teachers and activity advisors.  Hawktime provides school time to make up assignments or tests, attend club meetings, or take a "wellness" break. This student-centered program helps to address the need for balance in students’daily schedules.  Balance between includes intellectual, social-emotional, and physical balance.  Hawktime will typically take place after third period every Monday and Wednesday. The exception which occurs one Wednesday each month will be an Extended 3rd Period student advisory lesson. The purpose of these activities and discussions is to promote the values embedded in the River Hill mission statement and to allow the opportunity for discussions about meaningful topics that may not always fit into course content. This program will allow students to engage with authentic topics that relate to balance, civility, and integrity as well as leadership, responsibility, and diversity. Teachers will serve as discussion facilitators for their third period classes.  During Hawktime days students are encouraged to select an appropriate activity that meets their individual needs. All students will participate and will be under the supervision of a teacher or adult sponsor; administrators and other staff members  will be circulating the school to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.  Students will not be allowed to roam the hallways or to congregate in the stairwells. If behavior (including failure to use time appropriately, disregard for school rules, or littering) becomes an issue, Hawktime will be re-evaluated.
After reading the above statement please hold a class discussion using the following questions. (Please record student answers and place in Mr. Krouse's mailbox.)
Parents can be partners in this valuable dedication of time by checking in with your child about how he/she is using the time and the available resources?
How will you make use of your time during Hawktime?

  1. What activities can you suggest to engage students during Hawktime?
  2. What challenges can you foresee in relation to Hawktime?
  3. What can you do to ensure that you are responsible for a successful Hawktime throughout the year?
  4. What topics do you feel would be important to discuss during extended 3rd period lessons?

If you have any questions, please contact your child's counselor in Student Services.