Gifted and Talented Education Program

Gifted and Talented Education Program

The River Hill High School Gifted and Talented Research courses empower students to contribute to the larger community by applying, creating, and evaluating knowledge in a specialized area of study.  

A virtual G/T Program Information Night will be held on Wednesday, December 1 from 7PM-8PM in a GoogleMeet. Registration is required for this event. 

G/T Independent Research Application

G/T Intern/Mentor Application

Registration Deadline: January 28Students must register to be considered for both courses.

Independent Research GT Course Description

Independent Research is a college-level course in which students design an original research study or creative production in self-selected areas of interest. Student researchers address identified problems, answer research questions, and communicate the results of their creative achievements to appropriate audiences. Students collaborate and receive ongoing feedback from professionals in their selected areas of study. “Independent Research is one experience I would recommend to each and every high school student that has the opportunity. The freedom in this class presents really defines you as a student and shows your willingness to put forth effort in the field of study that you love.” ~IR student

Intern/Mentor GT Course Description

The Gifted and Talented Intern/Mentor Program is a college level course in which students design an original research study or creative production. Students study off campus with a professional mentor in a self-selected area of interest. At the mentor site, students apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in an authentic, professional environment. “The mentorship program has taught me both my talents as an artist and my flaws as a worker.” ~IM student “This class has shown me that in order to work up to my potential, I can’t spread myself too thin. I have also learned that I am going above and beyond most high school students in the country. People can’t believe I’m only seventeen!” ~IM student