Schedule Change Requests for 2023-2024 School Year

Wed, 05/31/2023 - 9:08am

Student course lists will be released on Thursday, June 8th through HCPSS Connect/Synergy. Students should submit any schedule change requests directly to their counselor. Please be patient over the summer with counselor reply due to summer hours. 

Students will be able to contact their counselors and make schedule changes through the summer. Starting on the first day of school, the following timeline will be used to prioritize access to courses for graduation, balanced class sizes, and instructional needs. No schedule changes can be guaranteed after the start of the school year. Summer is the best time to request a schedule change.

Schedule Change Process on or after the first day of school:

Phase I – August 28 through September 1

  • Hole in schedule
  • Wrong course was scheduled
  • Aiding and release time

Phase II – September 5 through September 15

  • All phase I reasons
  • Elective changes
  • Students may only have one round of electives changes (1 form)
  • Level changes
  • Aiding and release time

Phase III – September 18 through September 22

  • All phase I reasons
  • Level changes
  • Aiding and release time (can only be made during the same period as the dropped course)

Schedule Changes Will Not be Made for the Following Reasons:

  • Teacher preference
  • Period preference
  • To be in classes with friends

School Counselor Caseloads:

  • Nicole Seymour (Last Names A-C)
  • Jill Babe (Last Names D-J) -
  • Yvette Pruett (Last Names K-M) -
  • Phil Vangeli (Last Names N-Si) -
  • Kelly Denison (Last Names Sj-Z) -