Homecoming Ticket Sales Update 9/22

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 2:53pm

Good morning Hawks and families,

I am writing to share an update with you regarding Homecoming tickets. Please read on if you did not purchase tickets prior to ticket sales closing. 

Homecoming tickets went on sale at the end of August, and we were very pleased that we sold over 800 tickets before the deadline for ticket purchase on Tuesday. Since Tuesday, we have had a large number of requests for late ticket sales. 

Hawks, we understand how disappointed you are when you are unable to attend an event. On a personal level, having to tell students a deadline has passed is my least favorite part of this job. We love you all, and always want you to be able to attend and participate in all of the fun things that high school, and River Hill in particular, has to offer. 

That being said, extending sales for events like Homecoming presents a number of significant logistical challenges for our staff and our event management. When planning events like Homecoming, our SGA advisors, front office staff, and administrators plan for months ahead of time. We must take into account the number of chaperones, safety constraints of the space, the time and manpower required for ticketing, and the organizational challenges presented when large numbers of students participate in any event. 

We have an incredible, dedicated staff, and with their leadership and creativity, we have been able to problem solve to extend ticket sales and volume for one day only, today, Friday, September 23rd starting at 8 am and ending at midnight.

  • Tickets will only be sold online.
  • These ticket sales are for River Hill High School students only.
  • A link will be sent tomorrow via school messenger, posted on our RHHS Student Canvas Page, and posted on our school website.
  • Text message reminders will be sent throughout the day.
  •  Absolutely no tickets will be sold after midnight today, Friday, September 23rd. There will be no exceptions.




We are excited that we can make this happen for our students. 

River Hill Community, we need your help to avoid this situation in the future. As an organization that works to meet the educational needs of 1427 amazing young people, we need to have deadlines and structure. 

How can you help in the future?

Parents and guardians, please make sure you are receiving our messages. Check your family file, and make sure your email is up to date. Check your junk mail folder and make sure our messages aren’t ending up there.  Information can also be on our website, is sent through Canvas announcements, and can always be found on our RHHS Student Canvas Community. 

Students, please be proactive. Listen to the announcements in the morning, check out the posters at school, and most importantly, read the Canvas announcements. Decide early if you want to attend an event, join a club, or, during scheduling time, take a class, and act then- avoid the urge to put it off for later. Let your parents/guardians know, mark your calendar, set your alarm, tell a friend to help you remember. 

As a school, we will continue to communicate via messenger, Canvas announcements, our website, our student community, morning announcements, and through posters. We will commit to sending out text message blasts prior to the last day of sales. We’ll be posting large, in bold, and in bright colors, the deadlines for events. We will add Twitter and Instagram of these deadlines to the ways we communicate. Requests to extend the deadline or make exceptions after the fact take up large parts of our staff's time, require replanning and redoing, and place an undue and unfair burden on our staff. We will not extend deadlines in the future. 

How can you help now? 

For this particular event, we need your help!  We need additional chaperones to support arrival and departure, to monitor the parking lot, and to help take tickets. Please sign up here if you are willing to volunteer your time during the event (Links to an external site.). 

We need additional donations of water and snacks. Donations of water and snacks can be brought to the front office during school hours. 

Students, as we’ve thought creatively, compromised, and worked hard to make this happen for you, we are asking you to pay it forward. Take some time during spirit week to look around you. Find someone who may need you to think creatively for them. Find someone who might need a kind word or deed, and be the person who provides it. Hawks rise together! 

Mikaela Lidgard
River Hill High School