Senior Events Information 2022

Tue, 04/19/2022 - 4:58pm

Please note: The previously scheduled graduation rehearsal for June 2 at 9am has been cancelled. 




Dear Parents of the Class of 2022,

We are so excited to celebrate our amazing Seniors, and their special time as they graduate and move on to their post-secondary plans!

This letter details the plans for graduation and year-end senior celebrations. Please mark your calendars and pay close attention to the important information shared here. All senior events can also be found on the RHHS Senior Events Calendar, which we will update with additional information as needed.

We are pleased to confirm that our commencement ceremony will be held on Thursday June 2nd at 7:00 pm at Merriweather Post Pavilion. The last day of exams for RHHS seniors is Thursday, May 26th. Additionally, RHHS has scheduled many events that will lead up to graduation; attendance is required at any mandatory events as scheduled in the chart on the last page.

Times listed indicate what time the event begins. Regular bell schedules will be in place. Please have students arrive 10-15 minutes before the time listed so they are ready to begin rehearsals and special events on time.

Other common questions about graduation are addressed below:

Graduation Tickets

All seniors are provided ten (10) tickets to the graduation ceremony. General admission tickets will be distributed on May 26th during the mandatory rehearsal. Families with extenuating circumstances who wish to request more tickets (up to 6 additional tickets) should email Karina Carr at by May 13. Tickets will not be distributed to students with outstanding obligations. 

Please ensure your senior and guests are aware of the following guidelines for a successful commencement:

  • Seniors are expected to change work schedules and other obligations to attend the mandatory practices and events. We believe that high-school graduation deserves the highest priority.
  • Attendance at the activities listed is REQUIRED for seniors planning to participate in the graduation ceremony: all graduation rehearsals  and the Senior Farewell Assembly.
  • The Senior Farewell Assembly on May 26 is designed to bid a Hawk farewell to our seniors. We will present a few awards from the faculty; parents of those recipients will be invited to attend. Unfortunately, we will not have space in the auditorium for additional guests.
  • Please monitor your senior’s attendance, grades and obligations from now until the end of the school year. Seniors must complete all required courses and service hours in order to qualify for a diploma.
  • Note any inclement weather may result in a limited number of days of instruction in the final marking period for seniors. Therefore, this final marking period may have serious implications for any student earning an “E” or “D” in a course required for graduation. A student with an “E” in the 3rd and 4th quarter in any course automatically fails that course (even if he/she had “A’s” for the first two quarters).
  • Please help monitor your child’s progress so that he/she satisfies all course requirements for graduation. In other words, students who fail required courses or are denied credit in a class for excessive absence or lateness are in jeopardy of not graduating. Seniors participate in the graduation ceremony ONLY if they have completed ALL requirements for graduation.
  • Please contact Dana St. George in the Student Services Office to pay or reconcile any outstanding obligations at  410-313-7400. If your child has an unpaid obligation he/she will not receive tickets to the commencement ceremony.

Seniors are reminded that all school rules and HCPSS policies are in effect at all senior events, both at school and at school-sponsored events. In the past, we have experienced some students making errors in judgment relating to senior pranks which have led to suspension and exclusion from graduation ceremonies. I would ask all parents to caution their students in this regard.
Please be aware that air horns, noise makers, beach balls, etc.  are not permitted at Merriweather, and guests bringing balloons must sit in the back rows to avoid obstructing the view of others. We want to set a dignified tone at the graduation ceremony and hope to avoid "cheering sections."

Graduation Attire

All graduation gowns are dark blue. Students who have earned academic honors (i.e. honor societies) may wear graduation stoles or cords. Graduates should wear solid colors since the robes are somewhat transparent and prints may show through the robe. Our seniors are asked not to wear sneakers, tennis shoes, flip-flops, deck shoes, or other similar types of casual footwear. Students will want to consider low-heeled shoes due to the distance they process and the steps they navigate.

Suggested Attire:

  • Solid colors 
  • Collared dress shirts w/ties
  • Dress, skirt, or Dress Pants
  • Low-heel shoes, Hard-soled shoes
  • No Jeans

Diplomas are not awarded on stage. Diplomas/certificates and final report cards will be distributed immediately following the ceremony. Students who do not pick up these items will have the opportunity to collect them from Mrs. St. George the next school day in the Guidance Office.

Special Access

Special access for handicapped guests is available at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Wheelchairs are NOT provided by RHHS or Merriweather Post Pavilion. One additional group member may sit with the guest requiring accommodations. The remainder of the family’s party should plan to take general seating. To make arrangements for handicapped seating please contact Mrs. Carr at 410-313-7120 or at by May 27, to reserve a space. Handicapped parking is available at Merriweather and is on first-come, first-served basis.

Interpreters for guests and graduates are available. Please contact Mrs. St. George at 410-313-7400 by  Monday, May 9th.

Videos and Photographs

Commencement ceremonies are public events and may be photographed or videotaped. Lifetouch is the official event photographer. We will forward information from Lifetouch as we receive it. 

2022 ceremonies will be livestreamed online and available on-demand following each ceremony at and will be rebroadcast on the HCPSS cable channel (Comcast 95, Verizon 42) for Howard County residents. We will share the broadcast schedule with schools and post this information on the school system website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call. We look forward to sharing this special time with all seniors and their families. If you are able to volunteer to assist with the Senior Breakfast or the Senior Picnic, please contact the Senior Class Sponsors Katie Geiger at or Jenn Hennessie at