Homecoming - Hawk Strong

Tue, 08/31/2021 - 9:24am

Homecoming is fast approaching! This year's theme, Hawk Strong, will prove to be the biggest and best homecoming yet! Homecoming week is September 20th and there are many great activities for students and families. 

Homecoming Infographic.png

  • Friday, September 24th - Homecoming Football Game against Mt. Hebron - 7pm at River Hill. $3 for students and $5 for adults available at the gate. 

Homecoming Dance Reminders

Our Homecoming Dance is this Saturday, September 25th from 7pm to 10pm. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in their semi-formal wear. The weather looks gorgeous! 

Parents, please help our teenagers have a wonderful night by reviewing your expectations for the night, including when and how your child will get home. Students may leave the dance at any time; however, once students leave, they may not re-enter.   

A few important reminders for our students:

  • All HCPSS and school policies are in effect at dances, whether held on school property or at other locations.
  • Students and guests need their physical ticket to be admitted to the dance. No tickets are sold at the door. Every attendee must have his or her own blue ticket. The ticket must be the one that was issued to you when you purchased it. 
  • All non-River Hill High School guests must present a photo ID at the door and must enter with the River Hill Student who purchased the tickets.
  • Students must arrive by 7:45 pm. No students will be admitted after 8:00 pm.  Once students leave the dance, they may not return. 
  • All bags and coats will be held at the coat check at the door. Students will not have access to these items during the dance. 
  • Bring a mask. The bathrooms are inside, and you will need a mask to enter the building. Masks will not be required outside. 
  • We love your gorgeous outfits and know that shoes make the outfit work. However,  please plan ahead. We are outside, and those cute heels are likely not going to work for you all night. Please bring alternate shoes. Socks or bare feet aren't appropriate for the space. 
  • Consider bringing a sweater or a wrap. It may get a little chillier than we are used to in the evening. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mikaela Lidgard, Principal at mikaela_lidgard@hcpss.org or our SGA Teacher Advisor, Katie Geiger at katherine_geiger@hcpss.org