Student Services Summer Reminders

Thu, 06/17/2021 - 12:06pm

Student Services Team

Mr. Michael Krouse (ITL),, School Counselor: Sj - Z 

Mrs. Jill Babe,, School Counselor: Db - J

Mr. Danny Ives,, School Counselor: A - Da

Ms. Yvette Pruett ,, School Counselor: K - M

Mr. Phill Vangeli,, School Counselor: N - Si

Mr. Mark Cooper,, School Psychologist 

Ms. Lauren Blake,, Pupil Personnel Worker

Ms. Dana St. George,, School Counseling Secretary

Ms. Cathy Corrao,, Registrar

Ms. Debra Leone,, Data Clerk


Phone: 410-313-7400

Hours of operation will be Monday-Friday from 9:00 am -2 :00 pm 

**Student Services will be closed the week of July 5-9**                                                                                             


Registrations/New Enrollment 

Transcripts 2021 - 2022


CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please complete this form and email it to catherine_corrao

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