Underclassmen Photos for the Yearbook: A Second Option

Thu, 04/22/2021 - 10:31am

Information for those who missed the April at-school underclassmen portrait dates or prefer to take their own picture:

  • Ask a family member to take a picture of you at home/outdoors.
  • Email the picture to kristin_mitchell@hcpss.org by no later than Monday, May 17th (and include your preferred first name, last name, and grade level).
  • Please note that we cannot accept any photos from the June 2nd at-school make-up day, as they will take two weeks to process. We have a contract with Jostens and a deadline to meet.

Picture Instructions:

  • Close-up headshot (down to shoulders)
  • Any background
  • Any attire that is appropriate for school (school spirit wear, casual, semi-formal)