Parent Scheduling Night - RESCHEDULED for January 11th

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 2:41pm

NEW DATE: Monday, January 11th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Parents of current 8th-11th grade students who will attend River Hill High School for the 2021-2022 school year are invited to attend the virtual Parent Scheduling Night on January 11th. Administrators and counselors will be available in Meet & Greet sessions to welcome parents beginning at 6:30pm.

Meet and Greet 6:30-6:45 Google Meet Code Admin & Counselor
Current 8th Grade Families RHHS-Gr8-106 Hearns & Pizzo
Current 9th Grade Families RHHS-Gr9-106 Scible & Vangeli
Current 10th Grade Families RHHS-Gr10-106 Fairley & Ives
Current 11th Grade Families RHHS-Gr11-106 McKinley & Krouse/Babe

At 6:45pm, parents can visit with RHHS instructional team leaders and teachers to hear about course and program offerings for next school year. Parents can choose the sessions they want to attend. Here is the schedule for the sessions:

Department/Program 6:45-7:00 7:00-7:15 7:15-7:30 7:30-7:45 7:45-8:00
English RHHS-English-106 RHHS-English-106 no session RHHS-English-106 RHHS-English-106
Social Studies RHHS-SS-106 RHHS-SS-106 RHHS-SS-106 no session RHHS-SS-106
Math RHHS-Math-106 RHHS-Math-106 no session RHHS-Math-106 RHHS-Math-106
Science RHHS-Science-106 RHHS-Science-106 RHHS-Science-106 no session RHHS-Science-106
World Languages RHHS-WL-106 no session RHHS-WL-106 RHHS-WL-106 RHHS-WL-106
JumpStart/Dual Enrollment no session RHHS-JS-106 RHHS-JS-106 RHHS-JS-106 RHHS-JS-106
GT Research no session RHHS-GT-106 RHHS-GT-106 RHHS-GT-106 RHHS-GT-106
Career and Technology Education RHHS-CTE-106 no session RHHS-CTE-106 RHHS-CTE-106 RHHS-CTE-106
Visual Arts RHHS-Art-106 RHHS-Art-106 RHHS-Art-106 no session RHHS-Art-106
Dance/Theatre Arts RHHS-DTA-106 no session RHHS-DTA-106 RHHS-DTA-106 RHHS-DTA-106
Physical Education no session RHHS-PE-106 RHHS-PE-106 RHHS-PE-106 RHHS-PE-106
Music  no session RHHS-Music-106 RHHS-Music-106 RHHS-Music-106 RHHS-Music-106
Special Education RHHS-SPED-106 RHHS-SPED-106 no session RHHS-SPED-106 RHHS-SPED-106
School Counselors          
Danny Ives (A-Dj) no session RHHS-Krouse-106 RHHS-Krouse-106 RHHS-Krouse-106 RHHS-Krouse-106
Jill Babe (Di-J) no session RHHS-Babe-106 RHHS-Babe-106 RHHS-Babe-106 RHHS-Babe-106
Marianne Pizzo (K-M) no session RHHS-Pizzo-106 RHHS-Pizzo-106 RHHS-Pizzo-106 RHHS-Pizzo-106
Phil Vangeli (N-Si) no session RHHS-Vangeli-106 RHHS-Vangeli-106 RHHS-Vangeli-106 RHHS-Vangeli-106
Michael Krouse (Sj-Z) no session RHHS-Krouse-106 RHHS-Krouse-106 RHHS-Krouse-106 RHHS-Krouse-106

**Parents must be logged into their child’s HCPSS Google account to participate in the Parent Scheduling School Night sessions.**

Please email if you have any questions about the virtual Parent Scheduling Night.

After Parent Scheduling Night, please join the RHHS Fine Arts Department for a Virtual Open House at 8 PM!

Google Meet Code: RHHS-FineArts-Info