RHHS Distribution on September 23, 2020

Thu, 09/17/2020 - 1:56pm

RHHS Distribution on September 23, 2020 (10 AM - 2 PM) @ RHHS

Student schedules and teaching schedules are moving into routine.  Some, but not all, courses may include the need for a textbook; many courses are using digital materials or do not even use a textbook.  Not every student will need to come to the school to pick up textbooks or course-specific materials.

  • Teachers who instruct courses with material requirements will post a course announcement on Canvas for students in those classes.
  • Students who still need to return school materials from last year may drop them off in the bins outside of the front doors.

Below is a list of textbooks and materials that will be distributed.  Yearbooks, musical instruments, and art/photo materials will also be available for pick-up at this time.  

Physics I AP

  • Z. Gurvich
  • Giancoli - Physics (6th edition)



  • K. Mitchell
  • (preorders)
  • ($75 to purchase; please email to confirm availability kmitchell@hcpss.org)

Choral Spring Trip Refunds

  • K. Geiger/                S.  Stoutenborough
  • (Due to the vouchers, refund must be picked up by student or parent with identification.)

US History

  • L. Topus
  • US History

AP Euro

  • S. Tokar
  • Western Civilization Since 1300

CC World History

  • S. Tokar
  • A History of World Societies

Spanish 3

  • K. Merrills
  • D. Souidi
  • Realidades III & Realidades III WB

Piano I

  • M. Blackman
  • K. Geiger
  • Keyboard (Instrument)

Guitar I

  • R. McCready
  • Guitar (instrument)



Art (all courses & levels)

  • C, Appel, J. Cecil, J. Smith
  • Customized packet of materials and art supplies



Photo 1; Photo 1GT

  • C. Appel
  • Film camera & Film

Photo 2 H/AP, Photo 3 AP, and Photo Studio AP

  • C. Appel, J. Cecil
  • Students received notification via the Canvas Course announcement if they need to pick up specialized materials.

Please check with individual teachers if your student has a question about materials.  Alternate pick-ups can be scheduled at RiverHill_HS@hcpss.org.