Virtual Student Bell Schedule

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 3:04pm

The 2020-2021 virtual instruction model provides students with, on average, 3 hours of synchronous learning with their teachers four days each week. The remaining instructional time is designated for students to complete asynchronous learning activities and assignments. Students also have daily opportunities to access additional synchronous supports.

Grades 9-12 Sample Student Schedule

Class Time Schedule

  • Synchronous Learning: Synchronous learning means that all students are working on the same task at the same time in the same space (either physical or virtual). A traditional classroom is an example of a synchronous learning environment. They are all engaging in a task at the same time, and collaborating with each other and with the teacher in real-time.
  • Asynchronous Learning: Asynchronous learning means that students will be working on different tasks at different times and in different spaces. Asynchronous learning does not mean there is no learning taking place; it just occurs in a way that is not time-bound or dependent on direct teacher instruction.
  • Please review the Google Meet Expectations for students and parents.