Student Attendance SY 20-21 Fall Semester

Mon, 08/24/2020 - 4:21pm

For the Fall Semester SY20-21, attendance will be recorded as follows for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday instruction:

  • Attendance will return to the traditional attendance format.
  • Teachers must record period by period attendance in Synergy.
  • Daily attendance will be based on teacher-recorded attendance for Period 1.

  • Mrs. Key will review for the full day and half-day codes.

  • If there is a technical difficulty, a student may submit asynchronous work for a particular day to receive credit for attendance.

Student attendance for Wednesday instruction will occur as follows:

  • Teachers must record period by period attendance. Students are marked present unless they did not attend class on any school day since the prior Wednesday or have not submitted an assignment to the teacher during the same time period.