RHHS Awards Presentations

Thu, 05/28/2020 - 3:58pm

As we continue to celebrate each member of the Class of 2020 with caps and gowns and diplomas, we don't wont to forget the important tradition of RHHS Student Awards.  Traditionally, our Seniors practice their first processional in caps & gowns before their parents and families to share in these honors.  Current circumstances require us to do things differently, but the meaning and significance of these accomplishments continues to be signficant at River Hill High School.  Our students have successfully navigated the four years of high school with tremendous Hawk PRIDE.  We are proud of them.  As you enjoy the presentations, many Seniors will be opening their diploma envelopes to find these certificates and awards.  Be sure to send a congratulatory note when you see a neighbor or family friend recognized.  And we all know that these outstanding graduates are also receiving scholarships and honors from their perspective post-secondary schools and programs.  We hope to continue to highlight these accomplishments in our Senior Showcase (as long as information was turned in on the Senior notecard).

Senior Department Awards


Senior School Awards


(Please note the correct picture for Katie Kitzinger.  We apologize for the confusion.)


Senior Community Awards

Please note the university correction for Austin Weltz, student athlete who will be playing collegiate sports at Carnegie Mellon University. (We apologize for the inaccuracy.)