Dual Enrollment Options at RHHS

Fri, 01/11/2019 - 9:18am

Dual Enrollment at RHHS

HCC-Based Courses

Courses taught on HCC campus by HCC Faculty, can be dual credit or just college credit. Popular options include English, History, Language, Math, and Science courses. Contact your RHHS school counselor to sign up for courses at HCC.


Structured Options

Early College 30 Credit Program in Cybersecurity offered at the ARL: This program begins in 10th grade and is based out of the Applications and Research Lab. Students have the opportunity to earn and explore a career in cybersecurity while earning college credit and preparing for professional certifications.

Early College Programs offered at River Hill: These programs begin in 9th or 10th grade. Students have the chance to earn between 30 and 60 credits towards a college degree in various fields of study:

  • Computer Science (30 Credit)
  • Criminal Justice (30 Credit)
  • Entrepreneurship (30 Credit)
  • General Studies (30 and 60 credit options)

Do you have additional QUESTIONS?  The following contacts will be happy to speak with you for more information.

HCPSS Office of Dual Enrollment

Email: Jumpstart@HCPSS.org

HCC Admissions and Academic Advisor

Whitney Morris

Email:Wmorris@howardcc.edu, Phone: 443-518-4045