Emergency Preparedness

Fri, 08/28/2015 - 12:07pm

Emergency response drills have become an essential practice in schools in order to best ensure the safety of our staff and students.  As more incidents that result in tragedies in schools occur across our nation, it is prudent on our part to become better educated regarding actions that should be taken in the event that an unsafe situation in our building occurs.  Although the types of emergenices may vary, the key strategy is to know what emergency options to use in the different emergency scenarios.  Staff have been trained to instruct students so that everyone remains safe.  This week at RHHS, the students viewed a video which presented different types of emergencies and appropriate responses.  In addition, we conducted a school evacuation, a reverse evacuation, and a duck-cover-hold drill.  

Other daily safety operations are intended to keep the building secure and the people in our building safe.  Anyone who visits the building is required to sign in with the Lobby Guard system, present a valid picture ID, and wear a visitor's badge.  If parents or siblings are dropping off a student lunch, please make sure it has your child's name and assigned lunch shift clearly labeled on the bag; we will deliver a lunch cart to the cafeteria at the beginning of A lunch, which starts at 10:11 AM.  For lunches that are dropped off later, parents can sign in and take the lunch down to the cafeteria.  Dropping off assignments is another common practice and we would request that you drop off prior to 10:00 AM so that we can make sure your student can pick up the item.  A delivery text from the parent will help ensure that the student picks up lunch, assignments, practice gear, or whatever is essential for success in his/her school day.  It is very difficult to get individual messages to students without interupting class instruction, so we appreciate your help.

Another important note is the understanding that many of our students have the responsibility and the privilege of driving to school.  Please help everyone in our community practice safe driving, especially with young drivers.  The parking lot is a large, open area without regular supervision.  For your students' safety, we will not be able to allow them to go to cars for lunches, assignments, or missing personal items.  The students typically carry backpacks throughout the day and they each have a school locker to store personal belongings.  With the exception of the front doors, exterior entrances are locked and should never be propped open.