Yearbook FAQs

Q. How do I order a yearbook?
A. Yearbooks are purchased online

Q. When do we get the yearbook? Why don’t students get them on the last day of school?
A. Because of the extensive content during the last few months of the school year, the staff is unable to finish the book and get it printed by June. Jostens requires an early March submission for end-of-school-year distribution, well before Spring sports have started. Beginning in 2021, all yearbooks will be shipped home, directly to the purchasers (in late July/early August).

Q. How will students be able to sign each other's yearbooks if they don't receive them until the summer?
A. Jostens now does Virtual Autograph pages that students can send to each other using a unique link. The pages can be downloaded as a PDF, printed, and placed inside the yearbook.

Q. Are we doing Senior Quotes this year?
A. Yes--a google form will be sent out to all the seniors through the Canvas Student Community in March

Q. How do I submit my baby picture?
A. Check with your class sponsors/SGA officers. This is an SGA-sponsored activity.