Yearbook FAQs

Q. How do I order a yearbook?
A. The early deadline to order a yearbook is October 11th, for a reduced price of $65.00. Yearbooks can be purchased online. Pricing will go up as the year goes on until it reaches the actual cost of the yearbook: $75.

Q. When do we get the yearbook? Why don’t students get them on the last day of school?
A. Because of the extensive content during the last few months of the school year, the staff is unable to finish the book and get it printed by June. Jostens requires an early March submission for end-of-school-year distribution, well before Spring sports have started. Yearbooks are available for pickup during the summer beginning in early August, but we recommend choosing the Ship-Home option for an additional $6.00 so that you will receive it as soon as possible.

Q. How do we know which days to pick up our yearbook during the summer?
A. Check the school website! Yearbook distribution dates will be released during the summer, around mid-July.

Seniors Only!
If you order your yearbook by October 11th, your yearbook will be shipped home for FREE. After October 11th, you will have to pay an additional $6.00 to have it shipped home or you will need to come to school during the summer to pick it up during one of the distribution dates.