Auditorium Seat Fundraiser

Thu, 03/15/2018 - 10:10am

Many of you had the chance to experience a performance here River Hill High School sitting in our new cushioned seats. A nice experience, right? But-- the job isn't done! We have only installed the front half of the auditorium. To date, we have raised $70,000.00 through a variety of generous donors! Thank you donors!!! We need $30,000.00 to be able to finish the back of the auditorium. Can you help us accomplish this task in 30 days??? That's $1,000.00 or 6.6 seats (@$150.00 per seat) donated a day!!! Come on! What are you waiting for?

Please note that all donations will be accepted.  You may be able to donate $10, $20, or any other amount or a complete seat for $150.