Thu, 08/17/2017 - 5:52am

With Fall Sports off an running, we wanted to remind all of our student-athletes about the importance of HYDRATION and NUTRITION.


Click here is a great resource discussing the benefits of hydration.

Included in the link above is a website with hydration tips and info. Generally, as an athlete you want to get AT LEAST 8 oz before exercise, 10-12 oz during exercise and 8-10 oz after exercise. If you add those three sets of numbers you will be close to 32 oz of water (AKA a Gatorade squeeze bottle which is 32 oz). We encourage student-athletes to drink a full Gatorade squeeze bottle before their day has ended. That is a MINIMUM level of hydration!
Another helpful tip for parents and student-athletes is to weigh themselves before and after exercise. Make sure that weighing in and out is done consistently around the same time and with the same type of clothing (shoes off, dry shirt and shorts for example). For every pound a person loses through exercise, that is water weight lost through sweat. For every pound lost, 32 ounces or a full Gatorade squeeze bottle of water should be consumed. This ensures proper rehydration by gaining back what was lost as well as adding extra water needed for the next day.  The average person notices a deficit in mood, physical ability, attention and focus after 2-3lbs of weight loss through sweat. That small amount of weight loss is significant enough to be the difference between winning and losing! It is also enough to begin to experience heat related issues such as cramping, heat stroke and exhaustion.


Looking for a quick breakfast before practice?

BRAT = Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast (Easy on sensitive stomachs in the morning)

Students-atheletes, PLEASE to eat SOMETHING rather than NOTHING!