SGA Executive Board Applications due Monday, May 7th

Fri, 05/04/2018 - 6:17am

Attention Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman!

Do you have ideas about how to make this great school even better?!  Do you think you have unique ideas for spirit days? Do you want to have a say in shaping the culture of River Hill? Do you sit there and critique everything that SGA does?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should apply for an SGA Executive Board position and help to enact change around our school!

There are two types of positions available:

Elected positions

  • Executive Board President (Can be from the class 2019 or 2020)
  • Executive Board Senior Vice President (has to be from the class of 2019)
  • Executive Board Junior Vice President (has to be from the class of 2020)
  • Executive Board Sophomore Vice President (has to be from the class of 2021)
  • Executive Board Freshman Vice President (has to be from the class of 2022)
  • Executive Board Treasurer
  • Executive Board Secretary

Appointed positions

  • Chief of Staff
  • Historian
  • Awards Coordinator
  • Spirit Coordinator (2)
  • Club Liaison
  • Boosters Liaison
  • PTSA Liaison
  • SIT Liaison
  • HCASC Liaison
  • Webmaster
  • Calendar Coordinator
  • Student Voice Liaison


Applications for the SGA Executive Board are available now. Applications can be found included in this announcement below or from Mr. DiFato in room 241.

Applications due May 7th

All application packets are due May 7th to Mr. DiFato. When you turn your application packet in, you must schedule your interview.


Please visit Mr. DiFato in room 241 or email him at with any questions or comments.

Links to all applications materials are below:

Application Timeline

Elected Officer Applications

Appointed Staff Applications

Teacher Rec Form (need 2) - Teachers can turn forms into Mr. DiFato. They do not have to meet May 7 deadline.

Elected Officer Duties

Appointed Staff Duties



Application Timeline

Application Schedule for Elected and Appointed Positions for RHHS SGA Executive Board*


April 26  - Application packets will be available.  Applications are available on Canvas or from Mr. DiFato (room 241). Applicants must decide between appointed and elected positions. (Please see the attached document for position descriptions.)


May 7  - Application packets are due.  Applications must be turned into Mr. Difato (room 241). Do not leave completed applications in my mailbox or on my desk. You must place them in my hand and schedule an interview.


May 8-10  - Interviews will be held after school. All students running for an elected position, or applying for an appointed position must attend a 10-minute interview with the current SGA Adviser (Mr. DiFato). *Must schedule ahead of time. You will schedule you interview when you turn in your application.


May 8 -   Candidates for Elected Positions may begin campaigning.  Candidates may display pre-approved posters and distribute pamphlets, buttons, etc. Candidates may not distribute stickers or food during their campaigns. *All distributed materials, including social media, must be pre-approved by Mr. DiFato.

May 16-18  - Online Elections will be held through Canvas.

May 22 -  Election results will be announced by today (all campaign posters must be removed from the  walls before this date).

*If you are applying for an appointed staff position, be sure to follow the same timeline as above. You will complete all of the same requirements, except for participation in campaigning and an election.

Please see Mr. DiFato in room 241 with any questions or concerns.



Are you more interested in being a part of your Class SGA? Stay tuned for more info from your class sponsors.