Morehead Cain Scholars Program

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 10:06am

Attention Juniors,

Student Services is now accepting resumes for students interested in applying to UNC Chapel Hill's Morehead Cain Scholars Program. The Morehead-Cain Foundation seeks motivated, courageous, and curious leaders interested in embracing new and unknown experiences and cultivating their legacy as a positive force. The Morehead-Cain is a four-year, fully funded educational experience for students of the highest caliber. It is so much more than tuition and room and board at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. They set your potential free. They offer life-changing summer enrichment and Discover Fund experiences. Immersion in a dynamic student body at a world-class university. And lifetime connection to an unparalleled community of Morehead-Cains scattered across the planet.

What they are looking for:

  • An ability to influence, energize, and inspire others to work together to make an impact.
  • Courage, humility, integrity, and perseverance. * A lifelong desire to learn and share newfound knowledge and inspiration with others.
  • Dedication to collaboration, wellness, and persistence.

For more information about the Morehead-Cain go to If you are interested in being nominated for this scholarship please bring a resume to Mrs. Pizzo in Student Services by Friday June 1, 2018.