November News from the Principal

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 11:59am

From the Desk of the RHHS Principal…

Dear RHHS Families,

As we approach the end of Quarter 1, River Hill High School has much to celebrate: a successful fall athletic season with several county championships; the big November 1st deadline for college applications; the wonderful fall play Arsenic and Old Lace; purposeful field trips and interesting speakers; the amazing Prism Concert; a productive student leadership conference; a spirited Homecoming; busy clubs and activities; and rigorous academics every day!  Our Interim Superintendent Dr. Michael Martirano has visited and was also featured as the keynote for Raising Student Voice and Participation (RSVP).

American Education Week is November 13-17 and we would love to invite you to return to high school for a day!  Feel free to sign in and join a class or enjoy lunch with us!!  Also, parents are able to sign up for conferences which are scheduled for November 20, 21, and 22.  The available sessions are Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon and evening, and Wednesday morning and afternoon; the teacher schedules may vary depending on which of the three sessions they are available.

I would like to share with our families that over the next few weeks we will have some staffing transitions.  Mrs. Lindsay Galbreath will be taking leave as she gets ready to be a new mother; this new baby Hawk is expected sometime around November 17th.  Mr. Brandon Lauer, our Athletics and Activities Manager, is also certified as an administrator and will assume the Assistant Principal responsibilities. Mr. Lauer already is an active member of the Administrative Team and we will continue to collaborate for all administrative needs.  Additionally, Mr. John Difato, who has both administrative and athletic certifications, will assume the AAM responsibilities.  Mr. Difato has worked closely with the school administration as a school leader and also has experience as a coach and an athletic event administrator.  Ms. Sarah Schmidt is currently a long-term substitute teacher in social studies and a certified teacher who has been teaching during Mrs. Diana Irby’s absence (another new baby Hawk!); she will transition to be the long-term substitute for Mr. Difato.  Mr. Difato will oversee lesson planning and instruction and will be able to co-teach as needed.  He will also continue to serve as SGA Advisor and student leadership facilitator.  

On a very serious note, we are seeing an increase of student vaping.  E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco like traditional cigarettes. However, these devices still are considered tobacco products and come with many health warnings. The liquids that are vaporized in e-cigarettes usually contain nicotine which produces the stimulant effect or “buzz.” Younger people seem to be drawn to the fruity and candy-flavored e-cigarette products. Policy 1050 prohibits the use, sale, or possession of any tobacco-related product on school grounds at any time before, during, or after school as well as at any school event, trip, bus, or after-school activity.  The Code of Conduct (Level 3) outlines the consequences for a tobacco violation which may include loss of privileges, removal from extracurricular activities, detention or in-school suspension.

As we continue through play-off season, please remind your teen about safe behaviors expected from student fans.  Alcohol products and tobacco products will result in removal from the event and possible suspension; the possibility of being denied from further participation in all extracurricular activities for thirty days or more is also dictated by the policies.  For this reason, students are not allowed to bring bags or water bottles into after-school events.  With the colder weather approaching this week, please also make sure that your child knows not to hide any tobacco or alcohol product in pockets or under heavier clothing.

The inside cover of the Student and Parent Handbook states that family involvement is a leading factor in student success, both academically and socially.  RHHS values our families and we appreciate how we work together to make sure that our children are safe, make good choices, and enjoy school spirit with their friends and families at RHHS.

With Hawk Pride,

Kathryn McKinley